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Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathology

Sorry. This simulator is not currently available.


Pulmonary Altitude Physiology

Learn pulmonary physiology. Simulate the factors physiologic factors that affect human performance at altitude.


Vital Signs Simulator

Learn vital signs assessment skills and practice taking vital signs on interactive animated characters.

Welcome to PhysioSim

physioSim™ is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to building an internet-based "computer human" for the benefit of students and educators in the fields of anatomy & physiology, nursing, medicine, pre-hospital EMS and health sciences.

The "computer human" is a mathematical modal that simulates discrete physiological concepts, isolated and integrated organ system functions, and pathological conditions. Future efforts will enable physiologic responses to clinical interventions.

Our learning tools present complex physiology concepts incrementally. We allow the students to interact and experiment with the physioSim computer human in order to solidify their understanding. We provide guided exercises to help them along the way.

We believe that true learning takes place when students can practice making critical decisions and observe the consequences of their actions, not just by reading and memorizing facts.